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Customer Reviews

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samahan is just awesome

using samahan from past 10 years and I must say this is an awesome product. one o my friend gifted us this first time. she bought this on her Colombo trip. we always thank her for this beautiful gift even after 10 years..

great alternative to coffee or tea

Samahan has a distinctive peppery taste that's full of hot flavour making it an exceptional choice to the bitterness found in coffee or tea. Some folks prefer to combine Samahan with their tea, but I have not tried that method yet. Whenever I feel myself coming down with a cold, I will drink at least two packets daily, and even when I do get a cold, it does not last long and it is not quite as severe. The drink is wonderful for clearing up a stuffy nose because the ginger and pepper actually act together to clear the nasal cavity. Samahan can sometimes be tricky to see in the United States where I live, but most Indian grocery stores should carry it into their wellness section. It's a lot easier to buy it in bulk online. In general, Samahan is a wonderful product for health and comfort and a fantastic alternative to just drinking tea or coffee all the time.

cold gone in few uses

I and My wife wanted to buysamahanfor a long time. So ordered this. My wife suffering from coldand we used a lot of medicines but the effect was not there. finally, we gave a try tosamahanand Bingo it worked like a charm. we were surprised by the results. we would have made the decision of purchasing this before using others. but anyway we are happy now.

good for cold and sore throat

A student of mine from Dubai recommended this when iwas sick. when i used this for the first time liked the taste very much. I was able to cure my cold real fast. from that moment I am buying this regularly and also gifting to many of my family members and friends. I take it as soon as I felt a bit of a sore throat or cold, and never got sick.

samahan very effective

we are using samahan from few years and it is very effective. very happy to see this product online. what i like more about samahan is it´s natural and keeps cold away.